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Bundles for Babies

Serving families facing infant loss by preparing hospital bundles to help ease the pain of the moment no parent can prepare for. 

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I'm Mallorie

I am the founder of Bundles for Babies. I created BfB as a way for me to mother my angel babies as well as help other mamas through their grief. I’ve got three boys at home, along with Simon and Morris in heaven. They keep my hands and my heart full. I’m so glad you’ve found BfB. Please don’t hesitate to each out with any questions you might have. 

How Bundles for Babies Works

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Volunteers make tiny hats & blankets. 

Then send their beautiful work to Bundles for Babies.

We then sort, bundle, and ship donations to hospitals nationwide.

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32,850 items donated to date!

“Somehow in all my panic over my situation I forgot to bring a soft blanket to the hospital. I cried deep tears when I realized my mistake as the nurse brought in the standard rough baby blankets. I wept, begged and pleaded that my baby couldn’t be brought into this world and only feel a horrible blanket for his short life… A few hours later a nurse brought me several blankets and hats to choose from for our baby. I was able to lay him on a soft blanket and place a soft hat on his head for the short time that he lived. Without you ladies my memories of the day would have been much more grim.  I applaud all your hard work for strangers that you may never meet. Bless you all.”

Angel Mama in Oregon

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