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Our Story


During the early hours of Monday, February 13th 2017, after a weekend full of heartbreaking uncertainty, I gave birth to two tiny baby boys.  They were perfect, but due to my body’s imperfections I gave birth just shy of twenty weeks gestation.  My world was whole for hours as I held Simon and Morris but it quickly crumbled.  They lived for four and nine hours, respectively.  My husband, parents, and I held them and kissed them and loved them with all the love we had.  Though their lives were short their influence in my life is all-encompassing.

Bundles for Babies started as a way to keep my hands and mind busy during my darkest times but has evolved into an effort to honor Simon and Morris while helping give comfort to other families that find themselves in the same tragic circumstance.

Because my boys were born so prematurely, I was far from prepared to meet them.  I will never forget when immediately after Simon was born nurses brought in the tiniest hats and blankets I had ever seen and asked me which color I preferred.  I was so moved that in a situation I could not have possibly prepared for, someone else took the time to make hats the perfect size for by perfect boys.  Every baby deserves a blanket and every mother deserves something made especially for her baby.

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